Here are some stats for 1998
Here are the player results files for all of 1998.
Warning: if you download the files and open them in a word processor, you will have to choose different
than standard settings (like minimal page margins, landscape orientation, and an 8 point fixed-width font)
because there are many characters per line (about 130 or so).

Again, I'd like to thank Jelle Kok for helping me build my database.  I wouldn't have been able to
create any of these without him.
Text files for online viewing Zipped files for downloading
ATP tournament results (1.5M)  ATP tournament results (203K) 
Challenger results (894K) Challenger results (128K)
ATP and Challengers  (2.6M)  ATP and Challengers (368K) 
Special:  All three (651K) 

1998 Win-Loss records.
At long last, here are the win-loss records for 1998.  They are listed in many different ways so you have your choice.
ATP (main singles draw) Challengers ATP and Challengers (including ATP qualifying)
Alpha listing Alpha listing Alpha listing
Winning percentage listing Winning percentage listing Winning percentage listing
by number of matches

1998 "Time To Get a Day Job" Awards

1998 Player Points