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2007 Player Files
2/13/08: Update: Oops, files now point to 2007 rather than 2006.  Sorry.
Its time once again for the end of year player files.  There are 7,673 players from all levels available below.  If anything is not just so (bad/incorrect info, duplicates, typos, etc.), please let me know.

The matches include main draw and qualifying singles for ATP tournaments, challengers, and futures, plus Davis Cup.  On the left are text files you can view in your browser but, depending on your connection, it may take awhile to load.  On the right are zip files you can download and save to disk.  Note:  If you open these using a word processor or text editor which uses word wrap, each line may wrap over several lines because the information on each line is greater than the standard 80 characters in width.  You will have to adjust the margins and the font size to get it to display properly.  WordPad is probably the best viewer to look at these files.
Text files for online viewing Zipped files for downloading
ATP results (1.4M) ATP results (186K)
Challenger results (3.1M) Challenger results (460K)
Futures results (12.1M) Futures results (1.7M)
Davis Cup results (188K) Davis Cup results (32K)
Special: Top 500 (5.5M) Special: Top 500 (772K)
All results (2.5M)
Special:  All seven (5.6M)

Player Win-Loss records.
Here is a list of reports for weekly player records updates
Notes: With my annual cleanup, I have noticed the first Tunis challenger was counted twice rather than including the second event there.  And a Davis Cup Group III tie was missing.  I'll rerelease the final tally within the next week.
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