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2000 Player Files
Ok, the 2000 database is complete.  Now the "big kahuna" has been added.  Its mighty big and it might be difficult to navigate even in WordPad.  Now Davis Cup has been added.  To see a list of symbols to decifer the somewhat cryptic version of the ties, click here.

2/7/01: And now a special player file has been added: the results from just the top 500 (as of 12/18/00).  Also note that the "round" in "qualifying round" was cut-off.  That has been fixed in each of the files.

These are each player's match results for 2000 sorted alphabetically by player.  The matches include main draw and qualifying singles for ATP tournaments, challengers, futures, satellites, and Davis Cup.  On the left are text files you can view in your browser but, depending on your connection, it may take awhile to load.  On the right are zip files you can download and save to disk.  Note:  If you open these using a word processor or text editor which uses word wrap, each line may wrap over several lines because the information on each line is greater than the standard 80 characters in width.  You will have to adjust the margins and the font size to get it to display properly.  WordPad is probably the best viewer to look at these files.

Click here for a key list.  Despite all the time put into this, their still might be a mistake or two in there.  If you spot something that doesn't quite look right or something you know to be inaccurate, let me know.

And much much thanks to Jelle Kok for helping me build my database.
(updated 2/7/01)
Text files for online viewing Zipped files for downloading
ATP results (1.5M) ATP results (190K)
Challenger results (2.2M) Challenger results (294K)
Futures results (6.5M) Futures results (898K)
Satellite results (3.9M) Satellite results (489K)
Davis Cup results (200K) (new) Davis Cup results (30K) (new)
All results (2.1M)  (the big Kahuna!) 
Special:  All five (4.0M)
Special:  Top 500's results (5.2M) Special:  Top 500's results (681K)
Player Win-Loss records.
Here is the players' win-loss records for all of 2000.  They include all matches played from ATP tournaments, challengers, Davis Cup, futures, and satellites in singles qualifying and main draws.  Walkovers and byes not counted as matches played.  The records are sorted in various ways so you have your choice.

But before diving into all of the lists, here is a synopsis.
Level Alpha Listing Winning Percentage Number of Matches
ATP Show me Show me Show me
Challengers Show me Show me Show me
Futures Show me Show me Show me
Satellites Show me Show me Show me
Davis Cup Show me Show me Show me
All Matches Show me Show me Show me
Breakdown Show me (new)

2000 "Time To Get a Day Job" Awards