Weekly Records Report - 1/5/09

Matches Played
We can now officially crown Inigo Cervantes as the "busiest" player of the year with 122 singles matches.  David Diaz-Ventura was second with 110.  Pablo Martin-Adalia came in with 109 while Sergio Gutierrez-Ferrol finished with 103.  Also with 103 was the only non Spaniard over 100, David Rice.  And Jose Checa finished with 102 matches on the year.

Winning Percentage
In the percentage category, it was Johannes Ager finishing the year with a 20-2 record.  Ager played in 5 tournaments and won 3 titles.  He won his first 11 matches of the year.  Next is world's #1, Rafael Nadal.   He finished with a much more impressive 82-11 record.