Weekly Records Report - 12/31/07

Matches Played
Here is the final, final report of 2007.  After combing through the results and tying up some inconsistencies, omissions, and errors, we have a revised final list.  Once change is Alessandro Piccari was really 70-30 rather than 69-29, making him the 10th player to reach 100 matches on the year.  Our leader hasn't changed, though.  Juan Martin Aranguren finished the year with a one match lead on Pedro Clar.

Winning Percentage
Karol Beck had the most significant change in the top 10 here.  Instead of 16-3 he was really 20-4 (oops) but he still finished in 5th place.

What changed?
The most significant changes were the fact that the first Tunis challenger was counted twice rather than including the second tournament there from Nov 5.  That's where Karol Beck reached the semifinals.  There was also a Davis Cup Group III tie missing.