Weekly Records Report - 10/24/05

Matches Played
It has become an exciting race to the finish as the lead changes hands for the second week in a row.  This time is Spanish youngster Pablo Andujar who takes over the lead with 94 matches played this year.  Last week, Phillip Simmonds took the lead for the first time and former leader, Robin Vik is in a quagmire for third.  Five players have 89 matches while three more have 88.  Spaniards now occupy 9 of the top 14 spots.  Rafael Nadal's win in Madrid puts him among those five with 89.

Winning Percentage
Johan Settergren suffered a first round loss last week in the Kolding challenger qualifying but remains just 0.001 ahead of Rafael Nadal who's win in Madrid moves him into 3rd.