Weekly Records Report - 5/30/05

Matches Played
The top two remain the same but Rafael Nadal gets into the 3rd spot with his French Open run.  Carles Poch and Borja Martinez-Lejarza are the latest Spaniards to enter the top 10.  Martinez-Lejarza zoomed up the list after getting in 7 matches at Spain F9, qualifying and reaching the semifinals.  Roger Federer also reenters the top 10 with his French Open run to this point.

Winning Percentage
Carlos Cuadrado slips after an early loss and a couple of players just on the list enter tied for second.  Bartlomiej Dabrowski qualified and won Poland F1 then lost in the second round of Poland F2.  Predrag Rusevski was one of the undefeated Davis Cup players and he stays near the top with some recent action.  Ben-Qiang Zhu took the title in China F1 and then lost in the quarterfinals of China F2 for a 7-1 record.  He is in 5th.

Note: French Open results included through fourth round.