Weekly Records Report - 3/28/05

Matches Played
Robin Vik stays in the lead but Steve Darcis is hot on his tail with a qualifying and quarterfinals performance last week at the St. Brieuc challenger.  Vik reached the semifinals there.

Winning Percentage
The minimum match requirement went up this week so that eliminates a few undefeated Davis Cuppers at the top.  Two remain and Frederico Gil suffered his first loss of the year, sending him to 4th place.  Matjaz Jurman took the title in the third week of the Croatia #1 satellite.  He is now 14-2, all from that circuit.  Fernando Vicente returned to action two weeks ago and reached the quarterfinals in Salinas and took the title in San Luis Potosi last week.  As a result he is 7-1 and in 8th place.