Weekly Records Report - 12/20/04

Matches Played
The year finishes with 7 players reaching the century mark in matches played.  With a strong finish, Melvyn Op Der Heijde jumps into 2nd place with 103 matches played.  He ended the year reaching the finals in 4 of his last 5 events, winning 2 of them.  Gilles Simon wins the title of busiest player of the year with 107 matches played.   It snaps a streak of 3 straight years that Spaniards have held that title.  The last non-Spaniard to do it was Nikolay Davydenko in 2000 with 120 matches played.

Winning Percentage
Absolutely no change in the top 12.  Andrew Murray finishes the year strong and end with a 26-7 record, good enough for 13th place.  Roger Federer finishes as the most successful player on the tour.  That is the first time a #1 has earned that honor since I started counting futures/satellites in the win-loss records.  It goes to show you that even with lower competition, no one was able to have as successful a year as Federer.

That does it for 2004.  Be sure to stay tuned for the player results files and the year-end awards.