Weekly Records Report - 8/2/04

Matches Played
Hector Ruiz reached the semifinals in Spain F16 and increases his lead at the top.  Andy Roddick reaches the top 10 with 64 matches played.

Winning Percentage
It was only a matter of time.  ;-)  There he is once again, Bojan Vujic, now under the Bosnian flag, gets added after the Davis Cup results from the week of July 12 were added late.  Vujic represented Bosnia/Herzegovina in Group IV action and, of course, won all four of his matches, leading the Bosnian team in advancing to Group III next year.  Vujic is now 9-1 on the year, and if past patterns hold, will likely remain that way.  ;-)  But Roger Federer solidified his hold on top by taking his 8th title of the year.  He is now 57-4.