Weekly Records Report - 4/12/04

Matches Played
Gilles Simon continues his good year by reaching the semifinals in France F6.  He now takes over second place with 41 matches on the year.  Another Frenchman, Marc Gicquel, also jumped up with a finals appearance there.  He takes over 4th place.  And still another Frenchman, Nicolas Devilder, made a big rise by winning that tournament.  He is now 7th on the list with 34 matches.

Winning Percentage
Once again Davis Cup afforded a lot of players the chance to get some wins without losses.  Cristian Paiz of Guatemala is one such player.  He won all five of his matches in the American Zone Group IV competition.  Since it is the only five matches he has played this year, he currently rests on top of the percentage list.  Roger Federer and Andy Roddick also won both of their Davis Cup matches to help solidify their records on the year.