Weekly Records Report - 3/29/04

Matches Played
The unstoppable Daniel Gimeno got in 4 more matches where he reached the finals but lost to Javier Genaro-Martinez.  But not only did Jeroen Masson keep pace with him, he caught up one by also reaching the finals Greece F1 (satellite masters has a 24 draw rather than 32).  For Gimeno, that snaps a 13 match win streak and Masson's win streak was at 14.  Genaro-Martinez pulls up to #11, but really a tie for 8th, as Spaniards once again begin to dominate the top 10.

Winning Percentage
Roger Federer's loss in Miami (counted through Sunday's action) drops him a bit.  Dimitri Mazur of Uzbekistan is now ahead of him at 13-1 and Dimitri is in action this week at the Busan challenger.  Despite his loss, Gimeno rises to 4th.