Weekly Records Report - 1/19/04

Matches Played
Already a Spaniard has lept into the lead.  It is Daniel Gimeno and, of course, he has done it via the first Spanish satellite of the year.  Gimeno qualified and took the title last week in leg 2 of the circuit, which takes him to a 12-1 record so far.  Todd Reid continues to light up the Australian season and now has 11 matches.  Also with 11 matches is a product of all those Jamaican futures held the last two years.  Dustin Brown of Jamaica has jetted off to a nice start in Germany, qualifying for the first two events there and reaching the second round in Germany F1 and the semifinals in Germany F2.  For Carlos Moya, it was a good news/bad news scenario.  The good news is he reached his second final in a row on the year, the bad news is he badly injured his ankle in the Sydney finals against Lleyton Hewitt and will miss the Australian Open.

Winning Percentage
Dominik Hrbaty remained undefeated on the year.  Its not a perfect 10-0 due to a win by walkover, but still 9-0 is the best mark on the year so far.  Also on the undefeated list are Adam Chadaj, Brian Baker, Nicolas Escude, Lleyton Hewitt, and Juan Monaco.