Weekly Records Report - 12/15/03

Matches Played
Nicolas Almagro will finish as our Busiest Player of the Year!  He ends his season with 112 matches played, followed by countrymen Ivan Navarro-Pastor with 108 and Miguel Angel Lopez-Jaen with 105.  With a finals appearance in China #2, Bo-Ram Cha finished at #7 with 98 matches played.

Winning Percentage
The top 10 in winning percentage remained the same this week and I think its safe to crown Young-Joon Kim of Korea as our winningest player of the year.  He finishes with a 30-4 record edging Jimy Szymanski of Venezuela who finishes with a 40-7 mark.  The highest top ranked player is Andre Agassi, who ends with a 47-10 record while Roger Federer was close behind at 78-17 record.

The official final records release will be next week when the last futures event of the year is completed.