Weekly Records Report - 12/1/03

Matches Played
Nicolas Almagro once again lost in the first round of a challenger so with Miguel Angel Lopez-Jaen idle, that allowed Ivan Navarro-Pastor to close the gap.  Last week the trio had totals of 108, 105, 100, respectively but now Navarro-Pastor with a finals appearance in Spain F28 ties Lopez-Jaen for second place with 105.  Paul Logtens of the Netherlands also joins the century club with a title in Aruba F1.  Logtens is now one off second place pace with 104.  They all pass Rainer Schuettler, done for the year, while there are two more Spain futures events remaining.  The busiest player honors are down to the wire: Almagro is not playing this week so a chance for Navarro-Pastor to overtake him as the season runs down.

Winning Percentage
Not much action at the top here.  Almagro's loss causes him to slip a couple of spots.  Carlos Castellanos of Spain only has 18 matches but is in action this week at Spain F29.