Weekly Records Report - 11/10/03

Matches Played
Not much change in the top of the matches played list.  Javier Garcia-Sintes and Javier Genaro-Martinez got in some action in the Spain #4 masters event with Garcia-Sintes moving up 9 to 7.

Winning Percentage
It was still another futures victory for Young-Joon Kim, who continues to solidify his position at the top.  He won in Thailand F1 and extends his record to 29-3.  There will be quite a shuffling up of the list at the top as the top players will be squaring off at the Masters Cup in Houston.  So a chance for players like Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, and Guillermo Coria to pick up multiple losses and slip in the list.  And a chance for an undefeated winner to separate himself from the other top players.