Weekly Records Report - 8/18/03

Matches Played
Quick report this week:  not much change in the matches played category.  Andy Roddick closes in on the top 10.

Winning Percentage
Sergei Yaroshenko stays on top.  This time he was in Russia F1 and reached the finals.  Jimy Szymanski is back and with a low ranking is eating up the US futures qualifying.  He qualified and reached the finals in USA F24 and is now at #5 with a 16-3 record.  Radovan Svetlik is in the same boat and returns with a 14-3 mark on the year.  He went through the Serbia-week 1 satellite qualifying, reached the second round and then withdrew.   Still another comeback effort is Norbert Mazany who has made his way through the Latvia F1 and Lithuania F1 qualifying for an 8-2 record.