Weekly Records Report - 8/11/03

Matches Played
The top 4 were all in action last week.  Nicolas Almagro got the maximum 5 matches in reaching the finals at Spain F17.  Ivan Navarro-Pastor also got in 5 in defeating Almagro in the final.  Daniel Kollerer kept pace with a title at Samarkand.  Igor Andreev of Russia moved into the top 10 with a semifinals appearance in Mordovia.

Winning Percentage
Sergei Yaroshenko added to his total, taking the title in the masters leg of the Ukraine satellite.  Yaroshenko lost only one match on the circuit and runs his 2003 record to 12-1.  Daniel Klemetz of Sweden played only one match in his entire career before this year, back in 1998.  But Klemetz returned to pro tennis at the age of 22 and played his first event in Canada F1.  He qualified and proceeded all the way to the semifinals.  He followed it up two weeks later at Canada F3 by qualifying again and reaching the second round.  After 5 years off, not bad to start off 11-2!  But Klemetz was not done yet.  He hopped across the pond to Latvia F1 and (after two events was already a direct entry) took the title!  He is now at 16-2 on the year.  He's back in action this week in Lithuania F1 and has already won his first round match.  Meanwhile in Mordovia, Alexey Kedriouk lost twice and went undefeated!  He got a first round bye in qualifying, did not play his qualifying round match losing by walkover, got in as a lucky loser, won two matches to the quarterfinals and then withdrew again.  (Remember, we don't count walkovers in the win-loss records).  So Kedriouk enters the top 10 with a 33-8 record on the year.  Daniel Kollerer's title at Samarkand gets him into the top 10 as well.