Weekly Records Report - 6/30/03

Matches Played
Miguel Angel Lopez-Jaen takes over the top spot as the top two continue to see-saw.  Javier Genaro-Martinez moves up to make it an all-Spanish top 4.  Roger Federer moves back into the top 10 (Wimbledon results is included through the fourth round).  Italy's Giancarlo Petrazzuolo also moves into the top 10.

Winning Percentage
Laurent Gabail continues his winning ways.  After qualifying and winning the first leg of the Turkey #2 satellite, last week he qualified again and reached the semifinals.  His 2003 record is now 15-2 and is the best record in tennis for the moment.  Also, the college season has wrapped up so some players are coming from the college ranks.  David Martin is one of them and in his first event of the year, he qualified and reached the finals at USA F16.  So Martin opens the year with a 7-1 record.