Weekly Records Report - 4/28/03

Matches Played
Spaniards, Spaniards, Spaniards!!...

Winning Percentage
Andre Agassi cements his place atop the percentage list.  Yet another title for Andre, 4th in 5 events.  It gives him a 23-1 record on the year.  Peter Clarke of Ireland has also continued to stay strong.  After going 8-1 after two US futures events in March, Clarke came back at Italy F4 with his second futures title of the year.  He did not drop a set on his way to the title and his record now stands at 13-1.  Yong-Il Yoon is on the comeback trail.  For some time he was travelling with Hyung-Taik Lee, playing doubles together.  But Lee progressed to the next level and left Yoon in the dust.  Yoon hadn't played since October of last year but made his first appearance of the year at Australia F1 in late March.  He qualified and lost in the first round but came back in Japan F2 and Japan F3, qualifying for and reaching the semifinals in F2 and winning F3 last week.  His record now stands at 12-2.