Weekly Records Report - 4/21/03

Matches Played
Spaniards have taken over the top 10.  They now occupy 6 of the top 7 spots.  Nicolas Almagro continued his incredible year.  Already with 50 matches, last week he took another futures title at Spain F7 and is now 10 matches ahead of any one else with 55 total.  Ivan Navarro-Pastor qualified for Spain F7 and reached the quarterfinals so he picks up 7 more matches and heads into second place.  Stefano Pescosolido won in Italy F3 and moves into 8th place.  And Josh Goffi qualified and won USA F9, amassing 8 more matches and moving up to #18.

Winning Percentage
Not much changed here but Marcos Baghdatis lost early in Greece F2 so slips out of the top 10.  Out in the very thin field of the China futures, local player Ling Lu qualified in China F1 and then reached the semifinals so enters at #6 with a 6-1 record.  We will see if he is still in the top 10 after this week's action at China F2.  And Nicolas Almagro is at #7 after his title.