Weekly Records Report - 4/14/03

Matches Played
The Spaniards are starting to take over the list with 6 players in the top 10.  Once again they are loading up on futures and satellite experience.  Nicolas Almagro's momentum seems to a fallen off a bit but he gets to the quarterfinals at Spain F6, picking up 3 more matches giving him 50 on the year, 11 more any the next player.  That would be another Spaniard, Javier Genaro-Martinez with Ivan Navarro-Pastor in third.  Francisco Fogues also moved up to 8th after reaching the finals.

Winning Percentage
The top 3 remained the same with Zbynek Mlynarik the only one in action, reaching the semifinals in Qatar F2.  Marcos Baghdatis enters the top 10 after qualifying and taking the title at Greece F1.  He now has an 11-2 record on the year.  Xavier Pujo took his second futures title of the year at Italy F2, pushing his 2003 record up to 21-4.  And tied for 10th spot is a couple of old familiar names, getting back into action: Marco Meneschincheri and Filippo Messori.  Both Italians first struck a ball in the pros in 1991.  Messori popped up at Italy F1, qualifying and reaching the quarterfinals for a 5-1 record.  Meneschincheri accomplished the same feat at Italy F2.