Weekly Records Report - 3/17/03

Matches Played
Roko Karanusic got in a few more matches in qualifying for the Sarajevo challenger to stay on top.  He now has 35 matches on the year but this week Nicolas Almagro is in a tough 128 draw qualifying of Portugal F6.  Markus Bayer of Germany has moved up to third place.  He was in New Zealand F3, qualifying and reaching the second round.  He now also has 31 matches along with Almagro.  Stefano Pescosolido continues his comeback, slowly raising his ranking by playing futures and challengers.  Last week Pescodolido finally won a final, taking the title at France F6.  He is now up to 30 matches on the year.

Winning Percentage
Marc Fornell lost his first of the year so that leaves only Jean-Kome Loglo (not to be confused with Komlavi Loglo), who has three Davis Cup victories.  Next week, however, I will move the minimum matches up to 5 so there may no longer be any undefeated players on the list.  Lleyton Hewitt takes over from Andre Agassi at #2 with a 15-1 record after taking his second title in a row.  And Karol Kucera moves into the top 10 with an 18-3 record on the year.