Weekly Records Report - 12/16/02

Matches Played
Not much changed here with only three events in action last week.  Arkaitz Manzarbeitia of Spain jumped into the top 10 at #8.  That's about it...

Winning Percentage
Jean-Julien Rojer once again had a good week but had an amazing 24 match win streak snapped in the finals of Jamaica F21.  Rojer now goes to 46-8 on the year and stays in second place.  Rojer is playing in the last event of the year, Jamcaica F22.  He has no chance at catching #1 Julian Alonso but will drop below Tati Rascon unless he wins another title (or withdraws before losing).  And a new player "popped" in.  Torsten Popp of Germany, that is.  Popp played in his first event of the year at Jamaica F20, qualifying and reaching the quarterfinals.  Then last week in Jamaica F21, he again qualified and reached the semifinals.  That gives him a 10-2 record.  In early returns from Jamcaica F22, however, Popp retired in his first round match so will drop back out of the top 10 next week.