Weekly Records Report - 11/25/02

Matches Played
Not much happening here as the season winds down.  Uros Vico withdrew from the final week of the Italy #8 satellite and that allows Emin Agaev to pass him at #2.  Several other players close in on the century mark as Andres Pedroso and Guillermo Garcia-Lopez each played 3 more matches.  And Marc Fornell reaches the top 10 with 88 matches.

Winning Percentage
Jean-Julien Rojer continues to be the story with another futures title, this time in his home land of the Netherlands Antilles.  He passed both Wesley Whitehouse and Cristian Villagran and moved into third place with a 37-7 record.  Rojer is not done yet, this week playing in Aruba.  Rafael Nadal-Parera also jumped from #32 to #15 with a title in Spain 19.