Weekly Records Report - 10/21/02

Matches Played
Not much change here: Juan Giner got in 1 more match to bring his total to 106 matches on the year and Emin Agaev is tied for 2nd at 90.  Position-wise, no change in the top 5 but Roberto Menendez jumps to #6 with a qualifying effort in Cairo.  Uros Vico of Italy makes the top 10 with 81 matches on the year and just behind him is Madrid finalist, Jiri Novak, who would have had 81 but gave a walkover to Andre Agassi.

Winning Percentage
Cristian Villagran continues to falter and that allows Andre Agassi to go into 3rd place after winning the title in Madrid.  Agassi now has a 50-8 record on the year!