Weekly Records Report - 9/30/02

Matches Played
Juan Giner has now reached the century mark.  He has played in exactly 100 matches this year.  Emin Agaev had a great week at USA F23c, qualifying and reaching the finals to take over second place with 86 matches.  Although jumbled up a bit, the top 10 remains the same.

Winning Percentage
Cristian Villagran solidified his position in second place reaching the quarterfinals in Bolivia F3 without a loss (so far -- results are incomplete for that one).  Meanwhile in Spain F17, Tati Rascon reached the semifinals but it was enough for Andre Agassi to pass him for #3.  In Jamaica F15, Jean-Julien Rojer had an undefeated week reaching the finals when play was cancelled due to a hurricane!  One of the few downsides of holding an event in the tropics.  So Rojer is now 21-5 and currently has the 9th best record on the year.