Weekly Records Report - 9/16/02

Matches Played
Not much change here except that Juan Giner took a step up to the majors and had a great week.  Giner qualified in Bucharest and reached the quarterfinals, giving him 6 more matches and increasing his lead at the top of the most matches played from 9 to 12.  Julien Jeanpierre regained second place with 5 matches at the Budapest challenger, qualifying and reaching the second round.

Winning Percentage
Tati Rascon was in action again this week (a busy year by his standards) at Spain F14 and won again!  He is now 31-5 on the year and takes over the third spot from Andre Agassi.  Brandon Wagner also had another good week.  He qualified (despite being the eventual top seed) in Jamaica F13 and reached the finals before losing.  He is now 21-4 and stays in fifth place.  And the man who beat him in the finals, Jean-Julien Rojer of the Netherlands Antilles (yep, that's what AHO means) reaches the top 10 with a 16-4 record on the year.