Weekly Records Report - 9/2/02

Matches Played
Juan Giner continues to play in challengers with less playing time as a result and got in two more matches last week and his lead is still 10 more matches played than anyone else on the tour.  Julien Jeanpierre played in Netherlands F2 and qualified and reached the quarterfinals so he gets 5 matches in and moves into second place with 76 on the year.

Winning Percentage
Cristian Villagran continued to be the story as he took another title in the Egypt #2 satellite and pushed is record to 29-3.  Also, Andre Agassi and Lleyton Hewitt strengthen their positions as they are both still alive at the US Open (matches through the fourth round are included in this update).  And a new name pops up, Torsten Wolpers of Germany, who has played for the first time this year at the Italy #6 satellite.  Wolpers qualified for both weeks so far, losing in the first round in week 1 and reaching the quarterfinals in week 2.  That gives him a 10-2 record and puts him 6th place in the percentage standings.