Weekly Records Report - 8/26/02

Matches Played
Juan Giner maintained his 11 match lead while Jan Hajek of the Czech Republic moved into second place after a quarterfinals appearance in Manerbio.  Rodrigo Monte of Brazil moved into the top 10 after reaching the finals in Brazil F2.  And Jean-Rene Lisnard and Fernando Verdasco move into the top 10 as well.

Winning Percentage
Argentina's Cristian Villagran continues to roll, reaching another final and this time taking the title in week 2 of the Egypt #2 satellite.  With the win, Villagran moves back into second place with a 24-3 record on the year.  And Tomas Jecminek is back on the comeback trail.  He qualified and won the title in Slovakia F5 so he moves to 4th place with a 21-4 record.