Weekly Records Report - 8/19/02

Matches Played
Igor Andreev got in 5 matches this week, winning the title in Russia F1.  Andreev moves in to a tie in 2nd place with 71 matches played this year.  He and Julien Jeanpierre are still 11 behind the leader, Juan Giner.  Jan Hajek of the Czech Republic also got in 5 matches by winning Slovakia F4.  He moves to #4.

Winning Percentage
Brandon Wagner suffered a first round loss but he had qualified into the Bronx challenger so he falls to #2.  Cristian Villagran qualified and reached the finals in Egypt, earning a 6-1 record to stay in 3rd place.  Andre Agassi's percentage slips a bit by losing in the semifinals in Washington but not as much as Lleyton Hewitt who went down in the third round in Indianapolis.