Weekly Records Report - 8/12/02

Matches Played
Julien Jeanpierre made the big move this week.  He was already tied for second place last week but once again reached a final in taking the title at Egypt F3.  So that's 5 more matches for Jeanpierre which moves him to sole possession of second place with 71 matches played this year.  Javier Genaro-Martinez also got in 5 matches but went through qualifying at Spain F9 and lost in the second round.  Jan Hajek of the Czech Republic qualified for the Trani challenger and moves into 10th place.

Winning Percentage
Brandon Wagner finally lost a match so there are currently no undefeated players with 10 or more matches.  Wagner did make it to the quarterfinals of the Binghamton challenger and stays on top of the percentage list with a 12-1 record in 2002.  Andre Agassi and Lleyton Hewitt stay in the top 10 with good performances in Cincinnati.  But Claude N'Goran moved from #10 to #5 with another weekly title in the West Africa satellite.  And notice that Carlos Moya is creeping up: he was 63 last week but is now listed as 23 after his title in Cincinnati.