Weekly Records Report - 7/1/02

Matches Played
Guillermo Garcia-Lopez of Spain has moved into second place behind countryman Juan Giner. He reached the finals at Spain F4. Yen-Hsun Lu of Taipei appears in the top 10 for the first time, getting numerous matches from the China satellite. Not much else happening in the way of the matches list:

    Player                 Matches 
1.  Juan Giner               74 
2.  Guillermo Garcia-Lopez   59
3.  Rodrigo Monte            58
4.  Mario Radic              57
5.  Victor Ionita            56
    Vince Spadea             56
7.  Yen-Hsun Lu              55
8.  Jean-Rene Lisnard        54
    Emin Agaev               54
    Javier Genaro-Martinez   54
    Paul Logtens             54
Winning Percentage
We have another undefeated presence in the top ten and it is another Argentine. Cristian Villagran played his first tournament of the year a few weeks ago in Chile F1, qualified and won it. Then last week as a special exempt in Chile F2 he reached the semifinals before withdrawing. That gives him a perfect 11-0 record so far this year. Here is the top ten:
    Player              Record   PCT
1.  Cristian Villagran   11-0  1.000
2.  Matias Boeker        10-0  1.000
3.  Julian Alonso        11-1   .917
4.  Tati Rascon          22-3   .880
5.  Andre Agassi         29-5   .853
6.  Marco Marzolla       11-2   .846
7.  Lleyton Hewitt       36-7   .837
8.  Richard Gasquet      34-7   .829
9.  Oskar Johansson       9-2   .818
10. Bartlomiej Dabrowski 22-5   .815
Note:  This is the first version of the records update listed in html version.  The previous versions have been on the message board.  After this point, top 10 lists will no longer be included but rather a full list will be linked in each week.  For now here is this week's lists as of the action this week so far (Wednesday morning).
Matches Played
Winning Percentage