Hi everybody.
I am a tennis fan and I like to do the tennis stats.
Below you can see what am I doing in the last couple of years : typing of results of players with ATP points during all weeks of the year into the tables.
I think it makes a very good preview of players activities in a small place.
I like to do this, but recently I started to have a lack of time (I´m doing it manually).
That´s why I decided to publish this. As I know, on the web now doesn´t exist something like this (and have never existed). Some results are not included : those where players got only 1 entry point for their result. Unfortunately, some files have low quality because I wrote it by pen and then I scanned it (it was faster for me). But I hope that you can read it and it will help someone. I think it´s very good help also for tennis stockers.
I hope I´ll get any answer and find some person(s) that could continue in this. Maybe someone else is doing it too.
If someone has interest also for files from previous years or more files from this year, let me know. If you have any additional questions about files, contact me.
We like tennis

Players points 2006
Results file1
Results file2
Results file3