2008 ATP/ITF Schedule
Tournament titles and points categories for ATP events based on 2007 - subject to change.

 Key:  Masters Series and Grand Slams     Championship Series     World Series     prize money/entry points     surface
Date ATP Tournaments / Davis Cup Challengers  Futures
12/31/07 Next Generation Hardcourts - Adelaide (H) (F)  175 

Chennai Open - Chennai (H) (F)  175  

Qatar Open - Doha (H) (F)  250  

Hopman Cup - Perth* (H)  

Davis Cup Preview  

Internationaux de Nouvelle-Calédonie - New Caledonia (H) (F)  $75K+H 

Aberto de Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo (pq) (H) (F)  $100K+H 

1/7/08 Heineken Open - Auckland (H) (F)  175 

Sydney International - Sydney (H) (F)  175  

Kooyong Classic - Kooyong* (H)  

  El Salvador F1 (CL)  $10K 
Germany F1 (IC)  $15K+H 
Spain F1 (CL)  $10K 
USA F1 (H)  $10K 
1/14/08 Australian Open - Melbourne (pq) (H) (F)  1000  ATP Challenger La Serena - La Serena, Chile (CL) (F)  $50K 

Miami, FL, USA (CL)  $50K+H 

Austria F1 (IC)  $10K 
China F1 (H)  $15K 
Germany F2 (IH)  $10K 
Great Britain F1 (IH)  $10K 
Guatemala F1 (H)  $10K 
Portugal F1 (H)  $10K 
Spain F2 (CL)  $10K 
USA F2 (H)  $10K 
1/21/08 Australian Open - Melbourne (H)  1000  Heilbronn, Germany (IC)  $100K+H 

Waikoloa, HI, USA (H)  $50K+H 

Austria F2 (IC)  $10K 
China F2 (H)  $15K 
Colombia F1 (CL)  $15K 
Costa Rica F1 (H)  $10K 
France F1 (ICL)  $10K 
Germany F3 (IC)  $10K 
Great Britain F2 (IH)  $10K 
Mexico F1 (H)  $15K+H 
Portugal F2 (H)  $10K 
Spain F3 (CL)  $10K 
USA F3 (H)  $10K 
1/28/08 MoviStar Open - Vina del Mar (CL) (F)  175  Dallas, TX, USA (IH)  $50K 

Guangzhou, China (H)  $50K 

Wroclaw, Poland (IH)  $125K+H 

Austria F3 (IC)  $10K 
Colombia F2 (CL)  $15K 
France F2 (IH)  $10K+H 
Germany F4 (IC)  $15K+H 
Great Britain F3 (IH)  $10K 
Mexico F2 (H)  $10K 
Panama F1 (CL)  $10K 
Portugal F3 (H)  $10K 
Spain F4 (CL)  $10K 
2/4/08 Davis Cup - First Round*  Bergamo, Italy (IH)  $125K+H  Australia F1 (G)  $15K 
France F3 (IH)  $10K+H 
Germany F5 (IC)  $15K+H 
Mexico F3 (H)  $10K 
Spain F5 (CL)  $10K 
2/11/08 Brasil Open - Costa do Sauipe (CL)  175  

Millenium Tennis Championships - Delray Beach (H)  175 

Open 13 - Marseille (IH)  200 

Belgrade, Serbia (IC)  $125K+H 

East London, South Africa (H)  $125K+H 

Australia F2 (G)  $15K 
Croatia F1 (IH)  $15K 
Cuba F1 (H)  $10K 
Italy F1 (ICL)  $10K 
Spain F6 (CL)  $10K 
Thailand F1 (H)  $10K 
2/18/08 Copa Telmex - Buenos Aires (CL)  175  

ABN/AMRO World Tennis Tournament - Rotterdam (IH)  250 

SAP Open - San Jose (IH)  175  

Besancon, France (IH)  $100K+H  Croatia F2 (IH)  $15K 
Cuba F2 (H)  $10K 
Italy F2 (IH)  $15K 
Nigeria F1 (H)  $15K+H 
Spain F7 (CL)  $10K 
Thailand F2 (H)  $10K 
USA F4 (H)  $15K 
2/25/08 Abierto Mexicano Telcel - Acapulco (CL)  250  

Regions Morgan Keegan Championships - Memphis (IH)  250 

PBZ Zagreb Indoors - Zagreb (IC)  175 

Cherbourg, France (IH)  $50K+H 

Santiago, Chile (CL)  $35K+H 

Wolfsburg, Germany (IC)  $35K+H 

Israel F1 (H)  $10K 
Italy F3 (CL)  $10K 
New Zeland F1 (H)  $15K 
Nigeria F2 (H)  $15K 
Portugal F4 (H)  $10K 
Spain F8 (CL)  $10K 
Switzerland F1 (IC)  $10K 
Thailand F3 (H)  $10K 
USA F5 (H)  $15K 
3/3/08 Dubai Open - Dubai (H)  300  

The Tennis Channel Open - Las Vegas (H)  175 

  Israel F2 (H)  $10K 
New Zeland F2 (H)  $15K 
Portugal F5 (H)  $15K 
Spain F9 (CL)  $10K 
Switzerland F2 (IC)  $10K 
USA F6 (H)  $15K 
3/10/08 Pacific Life Open - Indian Wells (H)  500     Australia F3 (H)  $15K 
Croatia F3 (CL)  $10K 
France F4 (IH)  $15K+H 
Israel F3 (H)  $10K 
Italy F4 (CL)  $10K 
Portugal F6 (H)  $10K 
Spain F10 (CL)  $10K 
Switzerland F3 (IC)  $10K 
3/17/08 Pacific Life Open - Indian Wells (H)  500    Australia F4 (H)  $15K 
Croatia F4 (CL)  $10K 
Egypt F1 (CL)  $15K 
France F5 (IH)  $15K+H 
Great Britain F4 (IH)  $10K 
Italy F5 (CL)  $10K 
Japan F1 (H)  $10K 
Spain F11 (CL)  $10K 
Turkey F1 (CL)  $10K 
3/24/08 Sony Ericsson Open - Miami (H)  500    Croatia F5 (CL)  $10K 
Egypt F2 (CL)  $15K 
Great Britain F5 (IH)  $10K 
Italy F6 (CL)  $10K 
Japan F2 (H)  $10K 
Spain F12 (CL)  $10K 
Sweden F1 (IH)  $15K 
Turkey F2 (CL)  $10K 
3/31/08 Sony Ericsson Open - Miami (H)  500    Great Britain F6 (IC)  $10K 
Italy F7 (CL)  $10K 
Japan F3 (H)  $10K 
Spain F13 (CL)  $10K 
Sweden F2 (IH)  $15K 
Turkey F3 (CL)  $10K 
4/7/08 Davis Cup - Quarterfinals*    Japan F4 ()  $10K 
USA F7 ()  $15K 
4/14/08 Estoril Open - Estoril (CL)  200  

U.S. Men's Clay Court Championships - Houston (CL)  175 

Open de la Comunidad Valenciana - Valencia (CL)  175 

  USA F8 ()  $15K 
4/21/08 Tennis Masters Series - Monte Carlo (CL)  500     
4/28/08 Open Seat Godo 2008 - Barcelona (CL)  300  

BMW Open - Munich (CL)  175 

  Colombia F3 ()  $15K 
Korea F1 ()  $15K 
USA F9 ()  $10K 
5/5/08 Campionati Internazionali D'Italia - Rome (CL)  500    Colombia F4 ()  $15K 
Korea F2 ()  $15K 
USA F10 ()  $10K 
5/12/08 Tennis Masters Series - Hamburg (CL)  500       Korea F3 ()  $15K 
USA F11 ()  $10K 
5/19/08 Grand Prix Hassan II - Casablanca (CL)  175 

Hypo Group Tennis International - Pörtschach (CL)  175 

ARAG World Team Championship - Dusseldorf* 

  Korea F4 ()  $15K 
5/26/08 French Open - Paris (CL)  1000     
6/2/08 French Open - Paris (CL)  1000    Tunisia F1 ()  $10K 
6/9/08 Gerry Weber Open - Halle (G)  225  

The Stella Artois Grass Court Championships - Queen's Club/London (G)  225  

Orange Prokom Open - Sopot (CL)  175 

Northern Vision Liverpool International*  

  Japan F5 ()  $15K 
Tunisia F2 ()  $10K 
USA F12 ()  $15K 
6/16/08 Ordina Open - 's-Hertogenbosch (G)  175  

Red Letter Days Open - Nottingham (G)  175  

Boodles Challenge - Buckinghamshire*  

  Japan F6 ()  $10K 
Tunisia F3 ()  $10K 
USA F13 ()  $15K 
6/23/08 Wimbledon - London (G)  1000     Japan F7 ()  $10K 
USA F14 ()  $15K 
USA F15 ()  $10K 
6/30/08 Wimbledon - London (G)  1000    USA F16 ()  $10K 
7/7/08 Synsam Swedish Open - Bastad (CL)  175  

Allianz Suisse Open - Gstaad (CL)  175 

Campbell's Hall of Fame Tennis Championships - Newport (G)  175  

Mercedes Cup - Stuttgart (CL)  250 

  USA F17 ()  $10K 
7/14/08 Dutch Open - Amersfoort (CL)  175 

RCA Championships - Indianapolis (H)  175 

Austrian Open - Kitzbühel (CL)  250 

Croatia Open - Umag (CL)  175 

7/21/08 Rogers Cup - Toronto (H)  500     
7/28/08 Western & Southern Financial Group Masters - Cincinnati (H)  500     
8/4/08 Countrywide Classic - Los Angeles (H)  175     
8/11/08 Legg Mason Tennis Classic - Washington (H)  200 

Olympics - Beijing 

8/18/08 Pilot Pen Tennis - New Haven (H)  200     
8/25/08 U.S. Open - New York (H)  1000     
9/1/08 U.S. Open - New York (H)  1000 

Spanish National Championships* (CL) 

9/8/08 BCR Open Romania - Bucharest (CL)  175     
9/15/08 Mumbai Open - Mumbai (H)  175 

Davis Cup - Semifinals* 

9/22/08 Thailand Open - Bangkok (IH)  175 

China Open - Beijing (IH)  175 

9/29/08 Open de Moselle - Metz (IH)  175 

AIG Japan Open - Tokyo (H)  250 

10/6/08 Kremlin Cup - Moscow (IC)  250 

if... Stockholm Open - Stockholm (IH)  200 

BA-CA Tennis Trophy - Vienna (IH)  250 

10/13/08 Tennis Masters Series - Madrid (IH)  500     
10/20/08 Davidoff Swiss Indoors - Basel (IC)  250 

Grand Prix de Tennis de Lyon - Lyon (IC)  225 

St. Petersburg Open - St. Petersburg (IH)  250 

10/27/08 BNP Paribas Masters - Paris (IC)  500     
11/3/08 Tennis Masters Cup - Shanghai (H)  750    
11/10/08 Tennis Masters Cup - Shanghai (H)  750     
11/24/08 Davis Cup - Final*     
* Not an ATP Tour Event / Does not count towards the rankings

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